Sunday, December 11, 2011

TidyTots potty chair liners

I recently received TidyTots potty chair liners to review. I have an 18 month old that is showing me every day that she is ready to use the potty. I have a travel potty but you can use any potty chair for the TidyTots liners. I usually use small waste can bags for mine. They are just very thin generic bags that I had picked up. They are quite oversized as you can tell from the pictures and sometimes they leak if you don't handle them the right way. There are a lot more cons of the generic bag. Let's talk about the TidyTots potty chair liners. When I got the bags, I wasn't sure they were going to fit onto my wide travel potty that has no bowl. I eagerly opened the package and fit the bag right onto the top and snapped the lid on, to hold it in place. It holds in very snug and does not slip out (which I was very happy with). The bags are so nice and very thick. They remind me of those expensive thick trash bags but shrunken down to baby doll size. These bags will not leak especially when you have the really thick absorbent pad in there. The pad has lots of absorbent layers that hold a lot of liquid. It definitely gets 2-3 uses. I love the bags because they have a pull tie string (like a trash bag) so clean up is a breeze. It's great when you are traveling because the tie is simple and there is no chance of a spill. With my generic bags, there is not tie, so I have to be really careful with the cleanup in the car while traveling. We all know that's hard when you are in a car with two little ones bouncing around at a rest stop. I would opt for TidyTots all the way to avoid any nasty accidents with those generic bags. Here are some pictures to compare the nice TidyTots bags to the thin generic bags. These potty chair liners can be used for any type of potty chair. Go to to order.
 TidyTots liners

Generic bags

I received TidyTots potty chair liners to review.
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Hello...I love this idea...great product!!..Thanks for the follow...following you back from Adventures at Greenacre : )