Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paying Your Thailand Water Bill

Water bill in Thailand

Paying the utilities are an experience of its own here in Thailand. For starters, we live in a detached house in a residential neighborhood in Mahasarakham,  Thailand.  This is a college university town in the northeast part of Thailand. We got our first bill in a small box on our outside gate. You have to be on the lookout for it because it can easily be missed. Translation of this bill goes as follows.  The bill was delivered on January 12, 2015. You can pay the bill from January 13, 2015-January 19, 2015. The date at the very bottom says that they will turn your water off on January 26th, 2015. Believe me, there is no grace but what it says. They will turn it off on that date. This bill was very confusing to read at first. Now, how the heck do you pay it? We asked around and of course the language barrier hits again. So we use body language. I show my bill to any local I see on the street and they point me in the direction. I drive a little farther and continue the process of showing the bill and them pointing until we find the place. I knew the place was in town near my school but I wasn't for sure of the exact location. If you don't want to do that, you can go to the mall or a place where foreigners hang out and ask them. Foreigners in my town like to hang out at the amazon cafe. There are two in my town. Either way, there is a way. The top picture is a picture of the inside of the water department.  If your interested in more from Thailand, check back often. I have a few posts brewing about my electric bill, transportation, and a very large informational one on travel vaccines. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emergency Room Trip Cost In Thailand

ER trip Mahasarakham, Thailand
I recently visited the ER in Mahasarakham, Thailand for my ear that I thought was infected. I originally had planned to visit the doc upstairs of the hospital who had an actual office. Due to the fact that I can't communicate fully to the Thai's, they sent me to the ER area. It was fine but I just didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. I know how expensive it can get in America, what I am used to. They told me the spot behind my ear (forget the technical name) was infected and my ear in fact was not infected. They prescribed me an antibiotic and made an appointment for the next week in case I needed to come back. They were very helpful and all went well. I was there probably a total of 20 minutes from start to finish. The icing on the cake is perfect. I only paid 106 Baht, which is about 3 dollars with no insurance. 3 dollars for the whole hospital visit plus antibiotics, which I filled right there in the hospital lobby. I am going to be going to get my tooth looked for a loose filling and also an eye exam for my family and I. I will keep you posted on my findings as far as prices and such. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Feeding Elephants in Thailand

Elephants in Thailand
During our visit to Khon Kaen, we stumbled upon an elephant and his owner. He allowed my girls to feed the elephant for a small fee. My girls have been wanting to meet a real elephant and we're so excited for this great experience. Check out my pics and video below. 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Immigration office trip, Khon Kaen

Trip to immigration office
Khon Kaen, Thailand

My family and I took a trip to the immigration office in Khon Kaen this weekend to get a 90 day visa extension. The trip was altogether successful but we did hit some roadblocks along the way. On the way there, we had two flat tires, my front tire and my husband's back tire. Luckily there are little bike shops strategically situated on the road. They are pretty much everywhere and thankfully it only takes about 10 minutes and 100 baht to get it done and back on the road. Once we got to the office, we had to fill out some paperwork and get some copies of our documents.  The whole process worked out very well and went smooth. The workers speak enough English to get by and are very clear as to what they wanted us to fill out. I really like Khon Kaen. They have good food and it's pretty easy to find western food. We ate McDonald's for lunch and had pizza at the hotel for dinner. Below are some pictures from our short trip.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ballet in Thailand

Yes There Are Ballet Studios For Expats In Thailand!

Before I moved to Thailand, I researched ballet studios in my area. I could not find anything and started getting worried because Rose is obsessed with ballet. When I got to my city, a coworker at the school told me there was a ballet down the road. I also found out there was another ballet studio for a total of 2. I went to sign up my girls and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they speak English.  It's not the best but I can communicate well with them. There are many people who can speak English in my city but most do not. I have pretty much learned a little bit of Thai to get by. Anyway, the studio offered to teach private lessons to my girls at no additional cost. Wow! I was astonished. They are very advanced and know what they are doing as my girls have been in ballet back in the states. I'm very pleased with the whole thing and am so glad I signed them up. It costed 1800 baht per uniform per kid and 1400 baht per kid per month. My girls go once a week for an hour. The school is called I school ballet but they do not advertise and are not found online. Although they are on "line". You can download "line" from the play store. Here are some pics. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Making food in Thailand for your kids

Food in Thailand

My girls do not like Thai food at all so I have to make due with American food the best I can. A lot of people say Thai food is wonderful but I haven't experienced it yet. Its nasty. It smells horrendous and even looks it too. I always worried about food preparation and how long the stuff has been sitting around. I've tried a lot of it and only like a select few things. Maybe it's the region we live in. We have a supermarket called the Big C similar to Walmart and a Tesco Lotus like the Big C but smaller. They don't have much food there as far as ingredients. We have to be very creative. Thankfully we are. We have to be especially creative because we don't have an oven. We only have a cooktop, microwave, and we just bought a pressure cooker. Some food we have made in Thailand so far- rice and beans, stir fry, cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, minestrone soup, pizza sandwiches, fried mushrooms, peanut butter and jelly, nutella sandwiches, fried chicken, shredded bbq chicken sandwiches, fried rice, fried noodles, eggs, eggs-the mess, hard boiled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, homemade French fries, and of course spaghetti with garlic bread. I know there are other options but I just haven't discovered them yet.
 2 liter and 1.5 liter
 shredded bbq chicken, beans, and homemade coleslaw
 Thai fruit salad
 Thai salad

Thai street cart vendors

Friday, December 12, 2014

Moving to Thailand with small children

Moving to Thailand with small children

This past October, my family and I have moved across the world to teach English in Thailand. I like to research things before I dive into it. I did as much research as I could but unfortunately I was not able to find as much information as I would liked to have. I am going to write about my adventures in Thailand with my family. I have my two daughters and my husband with me. We all love it so far and are super excited to share our wonderful experiences with you. I do not live in a tourist area. I live up in the Isaan area in Thailand. It is surrounded by country, rice fields, and sugar cane fields. The people are very friendly and live up to the land of smiles standard. From New Mexico to Thailand, moving 9 suitcases with 2 kids is quite the challenge. The plane ride was a beast. I had a migraine headache the whole time with a drunk guy trying to get with the flight attendants. Try to sleep as much as you can on the plane. Too much sleep is better than not enough. First stop, Bangkok. Orientation with my new job, Media Kids. Media Kids hired me and put me with a school to work with. They typically hire for schools that are not in hot tourist spots. I personally was not thrilled with Bangkok but then again we were not in a tourist spot. We stayed at the Suda Palace hotel which was not that great. It was pretty much yuck to my standards. I like the Hampton Inn, Springhill Suites, or the Drury Inn. This was pretty much like the Motel 6. It looks beautiful on the outside and I'm sure it was grand in its day but not this day and age. We went to Central World mall in Bangkok which was about a 30 minute cab ride from the hotel. The cab ride was about 100 baht. That's about 3 dollars. The mall was great! It had a toys r us and lots of western stores and food, including cold stone creamery. We ate dairy queen. Cold Stone was normal American prices where Dairy Queen was 15 baht for a cone. You know your in Thailand when Ronald McDonald Wai's you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Perfectly Frozen Birthday Party!

This past summer my daughters had their birthdays so we decided to celebrate the Frozen way. Ever since December, I knew this party was coming. Anna and Elsa...Of course! Rose dressed as Elsa, which by the way was turning 4 and Tootsabella had dressed as Anna in her coronation ball gown who was turning the lucky number 7! We got a great dining hall to have our party in and their lovely talented mommy make the snacks and cake. Take a peek at how it all went and feel free to ask any questions. I would love to give you my secrets! (: