Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making cookies!!

We wanted some nice homemade cookies so we decided to follow the recipe on the back of the Hershey chips bag. Tootsabella and Rose had so much fun making the cookies but I think they had more fun eating them!! Here is our cookie story.....

 These look very inviting. What are we doing mommy.
 Let's skip the cookie part and eat the morsels!!
A stirring we will go
 Time to pour in the dry ingredients
 Round and round and round......mommy let me do it!!!
 Yes the stove is hot hot hot!!!
 Her favorite part besides licking the spoon
 Let's stir again
 Look mommy I learned how to climb today!!
 Crazy lady

 Let's just say she needed a bath

 Yes, she was too fast for the camera. Huh wonder what made her bounce off the walls before bedtime!
 Run, run, please get all that energy out before bed.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene and a tutu

I have had a massive migraine for a while, so I have not been on here much. Plus, my husbands schedule has changed once again so it uproots the kids and I a little bit. So if any of you have followed me and I haven't followed you back, let me know because I have missed it somewhere in all of my chaos this week. Speaking of uprooting....thankfully the hurricane steered clear of us for the most part. We encountered a few bands of it but thankfully no power outages. It moves on out today so I am glad to get my usual sunshine back! Also, I am proud to say that I won a tutu from Modern Wivelyhood and Daydream Believers. You can check out their blogs at  http://modernwivelyhood.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaway-daydream-believers.html and http://www.daydreambelievers.net/ oh yea and the headband from this etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/jenrose4?ref=si_shop. It's really exiting to win stuff here and there. My girls will be happy about this one! Well it's that time to get ready for church. Have a good Sunday everyone!

Here are some pis for fun because I like to look at something pretty and I know all of you do too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zachary's cake

This cake is the most special cake I have made. I was honored to make it and i'll tell you why. This is for my nephew Zachary. He was my first nephew. Zachary was 3 months old when he fell victim to sids. The unfortunate event happened while on vacation in Outer Banks, NC.  He was a happy little boy and this is his 5th birthday cake. Each item on this cake represents something. The helicopter represents his nursery. In his nursery there was a plane hanging on the ceiling that he always used to stare at. The cloud 5 is for his age and that he is in heaven. The monarch is for him. The story of the monarch is summed up like this. He really took a liking to the monarchs on vacation. It was the first time my mom (grandma) really bonded with him.  That, I believe, was the last day he was living. I wasn't there so I can't tell it word for word. So it ends up that every time one of us sees a monarch, we believe it is Zachary watching over us. God bless him.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Guest Post

I am having my first guest post over at http://grandmabonniescloset.blogspot.com/. I am really exited about this post and it includes lots of cute pics! Go over and check it out if you can. If you follow her, she will be more than happy to give a follow back. Thanks and enjoy my first guest post. Yay!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Communion Cake

This cake was made for a customer for a First Communion.  It has white butter cream frosting with delicate flowers placed around in the shape of crosses. The writing was done with stencils. It was inspired from another cake on my blog. This is exactly what the customer ordered. We sat down and went over everything before the big day. Let's just say the customer was not satisfied upon arrival of this cake. I think she didn't like the fact that everything was white, but that is how she asked it to be. There was a beautiful colorful girly cake with butterflies on it for a girl on the table when I got there. Maybe after seeing that cake, she was expecting something magnificent. I have to say that colorful cake was very beautiful.  Like I said, every cake of mine has a story. This is the only cake of mine that a customer had a problem with.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

recycled baby crib, photo prop

Tootsabella's crib had been recalled due to weak spindles. They had me send in the hardware to get a voucher for a new crib therefore the crib cannot be used. Since it was her first crib and I had the matching changing table, I wanted to keep it for decoration. I really loved the crib and really didn't want to see it go. So there it is. Now it is used to hang Rose's mobile on bc it doesn't fit onto the new crib. It also makes a wonderful photo prop.

UPrinting Giveaway on grandmabonniescloset.blogspot.com

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Smell the seasons

Everyone is always asked what their favorite season is. I was thinking that and then I thought about how much I loved all the smells of the seasons. What is your favorite smell of the year? Is it the smell of the summer rain before the storm, the autumn leaves, the aroma of your Christmas tree in your home, the lovely spring flowers, or a smell associated with a certain holiday meal? I can think of so many. I would love to know a favorite of yours.

 My beautiful niece Raigen.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby shower cake

Each of my cakes has a story behind it and I will tell you each story starting with this one.
This cake was made for my sister in law's baby shower. I made the cake with square pans and then gave them a crumb coat. I made marshmallow fondant and dyed it with the gel colors you buy at the craft store. I also found this ribbon at the craft store and put it around the bottom. The ribbon around the base was a little hard to put on but I managed. I also found that at the craft store. I used butter cream frosting to make the white designs and stars. The K was for baby Kenzley and we bought fresh roses and baby's breath to accent it. This cake was very fun and fairly easy except for the pink ribbon on the bottom. It is one of my favorite cakes but then again they all are bc each one has it's own unique story and memory.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tea anyone?

Have some fun today and join your child or children for tea. Today looks a bit gloomy so we are staying home and getting some cleaning and good cooking done. Oh yea we are having tea too!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A day at the park

This is Tootsabella's favorite place to go. She always begs and begs to go to the outlet mall. The playground is there but I think she secretly likes the shopping part of it because we usually buy a little something every time we go. Why go all the way there to play at the park when there's other parks around closer to home. Also, there is usually kids there and she loves the interaction.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A giveaway from Moms Like Me

JayDee's Review and Giveaway!

My boys are still awake in their bedroom, giggling and whispering about the fun afternoon they had today at JayDee's Family Fun Center in Inwood, WV.  We got there right after naptime and spent the rest of the evening playing with the boys in the new 3 foot wading pool and water park area.  The boys always have so much fun at JayDee's, whether we're playing in the Jungle Gym, in the arcade, or outside in the water park.  We haven't gotten up the courage to attempt mini-golf with them yet, but it's coming!  They also have a new water slide for the more daring kids that are over 42''.  For $5/person ($7 with the slides), you can spend all day in the water park splashing and soaking in the sun. Read the rest and enter for a chance to win........click here   http://mlm-ep.blogspot.com/2011/07/jaydees-review-and-giveaway.html?showComment=1312252289562#c8280671013540461171