Sunday, June 12, 2016

Make money with Isagenix

Back in February I wanted to do something to change the way my health was going. I got a job that carried a lot of stress and my body wasn't handling it very well. I gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time and even found myself in the hospital at one point. Enough was enough. I found a great weight loss plan once upon a time and decided to revisit the idea of actually pursuing it. I ordered the 30 day system and immediately felt results. I eventually quit my job at the end of my first year contract and moved. My husband was working with me at the boarding school we were at. He found himself back in law enforcement (something he loves to do) and I will be working at the school. (yay! Something I love to do) When I started Isagenix, it was just for my weight loss and health efforts. Now it has become surprisingly more. I have a third income because of it. Its really nice to be able to have a weekly payment for the sales I made. They gave me a card to use, just like a debit card and I can use it for anything and take money from the atm with it. We recently let it build up and used it for our past vacation to Disney World. It worked out well because we had car trouble and had to have our car in the shop. Our whole fuel line system had to be replaced. That was unexpected and I was very thankful for our back up funds from Isagenix. My family never felt a bump in the road financially during the trip. I am so happy that I came on this adventure and can't stress is enough. I'm not going to lie, my weight loss journey is not easy but if you put your mind to it, you can do it. I'm a HUGE foodie just to let you know so no this is not easy but i'm determined.
Save money with Isagenix

Isa wallet debit card

 The Elsa picture was back in October while I was gaining weight. The right picture was recently on our family vacation to Disney World. I actually don't look like a sore thumb in my pictures! I'm so proud of my results so far! If you want more information on how to get started with Isagenix, click here to go to my Isagenix site. You can browse around and learn more about the products.