Friday, April 29, 2016

My Isagenix progress and how to purchase it

Back in February I started the diet Isagenix. When I came back from Thailand I loved the weight I was but still wanted to lose a little more. I got into the career of house parenting. I take care of children at a boarding school. It's a very mentally demanding and stressful job with 2 girls of my own. This past year of house parenting, I gained 20 unwanted pounds. I felt bad about myself and had to do something. I heard about Isagenix from my mom about 3 years ago but never tried it. I decided to finally try it. I really enjoy the shakes and really feel good. I have more energy and don't feel as if I am depriving myself of food. I have lost 20 pounds since I started in February and have lost lots of inches as well. I am down to my post Thailand weight but still want to lose a bit more. I am so excited this is working for me. I will plan on continuing with the diet until I am satisfied with my weight and then I will go on a maintenance plan. I have never felt this good since high school. I am also not a physical person but actually started stretching everyday. It feels so nice to stretch. My little Rose can do the splits so she has inspired me to do them too. I will have to work everyday to hit that goal. I hope I have inspired you to start anew. Here is my website if you want more information on Isagenix or plan on purchasing it.
Where to buy Isagenix:

I will post pictures of my progress soon. I just need to get a good pic when I am not at work.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plexus Pro Bio 5 update

I started my daughter on Plexus Pro Bio because my mom has such great success with it. Since she has been taking it, I have seen an improvement in her rash. She is no longer itching and it seems to have cleared up. I am so happy with it that I have started taking it as well. Also, just recently when I talked to my mom, she said she was waiting on her order and that she had ran out of Pro Bio in the meantime. Her dreaded rash started coming back and it was itching and hurting. The next time I talked to her, I asked her how she was doing and if she had gotten her Plexus Pro Bio yet. She said she started taking them last week and that her rash was starting to clear again. I was so happy for her plus, I am taking a vacation to Disney with her soon and I don't want her to be miserable. After all, I haven't seen my mom in 2 years! Thanks to Plexus, my mom can enjoy her grand girls when we come and visit her. So if you are thinking about Plexus, it's worth a shot if you have a rash. It also works for many other things like energy and overall health. Thanks for reading and have a great day!