Friday, December 12, 2014

Moving to Thailand with small children

This past October, my family and I have moved across the world to teach English in Thailand. I like to research things before I dive into it. I did as much research as I could but unfortunately I was not able to find as much information as I would liked to have. I am going to write about my adventures in Thailand with my family. I have my two daughters and my husband with me. We all love it so far and are super excited to share our wonderful experiences with you. I do not live in a tourist area. I live up in the Isaan area in Thailand. It is surrounded by country, rice fields, and sugar cane fields. The people are very friendly and live up to the land of smiles name. From New Mexico to Thailand, moving 9 suitcases with 2 kids is quite the challenge. The plane ride was a beast. I had a migraine headache the whole time with an intoxicated guy trying to swoon the flight attendants. Try to sleep as much as you can on the plane. Too much sleep is better than not enough. First stop, Bangkok. Orientation with my new job, Media Kids. Media Kids hired me and put me with a school to work with. They typically hire for schools that are not in hot tourist spots. I personally was not thrilled with Bangkok but then again we were not in a tourist area of the city. We stayed at the Suda Palace hotel which was not that great. It was pretty much yuck to my standards. I like the Hampton Inn, Springhill Suites, or the Drury Inn. This was pretty much like the Motel 6. It looks beautiful on the outside and I'm sure it was grand in its day but not this day and age. We went to Central World mall in Bangkok which was about a 30 minute cab ride from the hotel. The cab ride was about 100 baht. That's about 3 dollars. The mall was great! It had a toys r us and lots of western stores and food, including cold stone creamery. We ate dairy queen. Cold Stone was normal American prices where Dairy Queen was 15 baht for a cone. You know your in Thailand when Ronald McDonald Wai's you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anna and Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

A perfectly frozen birthday party!

This past summer my daughters had their birthdays so we decided to celebrate the Frozen way. Ever since December, I knew this party was coming. Anna and Elsa...Of course! Rose dressed as Elsa, which by the way was turning 4 and Tootsabella had dressed as Anna in her coronation ball gown who was turning the lucky number 7! We got a great dining hall to have our party in and their lovely talented mommy make the snacks and cake. Take a peek at how it all went and feel free to ask any questions. I would love to give you my secrets! (:

Monday, July 14, 2014

new cakes

A lot has happened in our lives in the last year and I wanted to update my blog. It has been a long time since I have actively blogged. My life is super busy and I cant say if I will blog more. As of right now, here is some of my cakes I have done in the last year. The are oh so tasty as well. At least that's what the tasters say. Enjoy!

A Quinceanera cake

My first sale

A Paris cake

My daughters' princess cupcakes

Going away cake

Cat litter cake

Kitty poo

Good luck

John Deere


Africa cake

Rainbow layers

Africa rainbow layers

 Ombre rose

Sweet 16 cake


Tootsabella's 6 year old cake!