Monday, September 2, 2013

A Happy Little Owl Cake

Lately I have been taking more and more orders for customers. I have worked really hard to get a customer base and it's finally paying off! My facebook page is doing really well with 325 likes within about 3 months. If you want to check out more cakes, my page name is Alatta Cakes. In the pictures below is the owl cake I made for a customer. There is a video on you tube that helped me make the fondant owl. The owl was hand molded from all fondant. The feathers were individually cut with heart cookie cutters as well as all the other shapes throughout the cake. All the fondant was then dusted with luster dust to give it a sparkle. The ribbon is not edible and was applied with a little frosting to act as a glue. I love cake decorating and hope to give inspiration to anyone who views my cakes. I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Summer of Tea Parties

The summer of tea parties!!!

For some reason my girls have been have a lot of tea parties this summer. I just think it's the princess side of them coming out. haha Here are some sweet pics of my girls and one of their friends. 

Welcome to our tea party!

Let have tea. Shall we?

Another tea party which resulted in Rose getting stung by a wasp. Poor thing. Thankfully, we learned she wasn't allergic, at least this time. 

Have fun and be safe out there having tea parties. They can be dangerous!! (:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake!!!

This is a Tinkerbell cake for my daughter Tootsabella's 4th Birthday. She will be 6 July 9th. I am thinking about a Doc McStuffins cake for her this year.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Speaking of Disney's Sofia The First

Disney's new program on Disney Jr Sofia The First, is so popular with the little girls this year. Dresses on Ebay are out the roof and the plush doll can't even seem to stay in stock on the Disney website!! Now that is popular. I think it has to do for the fact that Sofia was just an ordinary girl in the beginning and then she became a princess because her mom married the King. This gives girls some the image that they can easily become a princess too! Therefore Sofia is now popular. Also, Cinderella appeared on the Sofia the First movie and now this Friday they have a new episode coming out guest starring Princess Jasmine. My little girls are going to be starstruck once they find out about Jasmine. I can't wait till Friday because of course I like the show too. Anything that makes my girls happy makes mommy happy too!! Be sure to have your little one check out the new episode on Friday June 14th with Princess Jasmine!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sofia the First Birthday Cake

Sofia the First Birthday Cake

I have been out of the loop of cake decorating for quite some time. Now that my youngest is a little older, I am able to make more cakes. I like to do this as a hobby but would like to fulfill more orders. Check me out on Facebook. My name is Alatta Cakes. Here is my first cake that I have made since I have decided to start up again. My daughter "Rose" just turned 3 and loves Sofia the First. Here is her Sofia cake!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Perfectly Princess Birthday Party!!

On Memorial Day Weekend we had the girls' birthday party. Tootsabella will be turning 6 and Rose will be turning 3. Well she just turned 3 yesterday on June 2nd. We had a royal ball theme and all the girls dressed in dresses and we sprayed their hair with pixie dust on arrival. It was so fun and all the girls were so precious!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cheerleading Tootsabella

She is so silly!!!

Gardening adventure continues

We are off to garden our front flower beds. They were pretty much just weeded over and looking pretty bad. After pretty much a whole day here is one of my accomplishments. I love tropical and different looking flowers. I decided on a braided hibiscus tree in yellow, some purple dahlia's, and a left over gerbera daisy from another area in the yard. I will post those pics later. I also decided on yellow, orange, and purple lily's. All the plants and flowers are perennials except the daisy.  I am still planning on putting another hibiscus bush or tree on the opposite side of the existing hibiscus tree. We haven't mulched this yet. Here are the pics!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My gardening adventure

I recently posted on how we ripped out all the climbing vines from my flower beds. I want to show our progress on it. We have planted some really pretty plants that we will be able to manage and prune to our liking. A plus, they smell amazing!! Here is our progress. I also caught some storm clouds approaching as I was taking some pics.
 Some storm clouds
 We wanted to make this cement slab a sandbox but figured a shed would go better here. So that will come later this summer. We planted wildflowers in the dirt part and still haven't gotten to the left side, but we plan to put wildflowers on that side too. I know it looks so dirty but we haven't power washed yet. This is just the beginning.
 Still need a little bit more mulch

 Caught Rose staring out the window
Some storm clouds moving fast 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Backyard Gardening Cleaning Up The Flower Beds

We just bought our home last year and we figured we would let everything grow out the first year to see what all the plants looked like. Well, we did that and found out that it was more work to let everything grow out. Basically at the end we had mega vines and just a bunch of yuck to get rid of. We practically tore everything out and now have our own plans for the yard. Here are some pics of the mess. I will be posting new pics of my flower beds to show the progress. My neighbor said she never knew there were flower beds back there. That is how bad it was!!!  Basically this is all the rubbish we pulled out of there!! Since then we have had it hulled away.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Rustic Wedding with Burlap and Lace...Peachtree City, GA

A Georgia wedding story
Last year my sister got married. All our family from all over the United States came. She had a rustic wedding theme. It consisted of lots of old things with burlap and lace. She got married in a park in Peachtree City, Ga. This is the kind of theme that my family is into anyway, so it worked pretty well and they did a wonderful job putting it together. Here are a few pictures.