Monday, May 13, 2013

Cheerleading Tootsabella

She is so silly!!!

Gardening adventure continues

We are off to garden our front flower beds. They were pretty much just weeded over and looking pretty bad. After pretty much a whole day here is one of my accomplishments. I love tropical and different looking flowers. I decided on a braided hibiscus tree in yellow, some purple dahlia's, and a left over gerbera daisy from another area in the yard. I will post those pics later. I also decided on yellow, orange, and purple lily's. All the plants and flowers are perennials except the daisy.  I am still planning on putting another hibiscus bush or tree on the opposite side of the existing hibiscus tree. We haven't mulched this yet. Here are the pics!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My gardening adventure

I recently posted on how we ripped out all the climbing vines from my flower beds. I want to show our progress on it. We have planted some really pretty plants that we will be able to manage and prune to our liking. A plus, they smell amazing!! Here is our progress. I also caught some storm clouds approaching as I was taking some pics.
 Some storm clouds
 We wanted to make this cement slab a sandbox but figured a shed would go better here. So that will come later this summer. We planted wildflowers in the dirt part and still haven't gotten to the left side, but we plan to put wildflowers on that side too. I know it looks so dirty but we haven't power washed yet. This is just the beginning.
 Still need a little bit more mulch

 Caught Rose staring out the window
Some storm clouds moving fast 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Backyard Gardening Cleaning Up The Flower Beds

We just bought our home last year and we figured we would let everything grow out the first year to see what all the plants looked like. Well, we did that and found out that it was more work to let everything grow out. Basically at the end we had mega vines and just a bunch of yuck to get rid of. We practically tore everything out and now have our own plans for the yard. Here are some pics of the mess. I will be posting new pics of my flower beds to show the progress. My neighbor said she never knew there were flower beds back there. That is how bad it was!!!  Basically this is all the rubbish we pulled out of there!! Since then we have had it hulled away.