Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!!

I wanted to share with you some of last years Valentine's day pictures. We had a lot of fun creating Valentine's Day cards with the students in Thailand. They love to celebrate Valentine's Day and really know how to have fun doing it. My girls really enjoyed experiencing how the Thai kids celebrate as well. They had card making, games, and lots of yummy goodies.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where to buy Plexus and Pro Bio 5 dosage for kids

Hello all,
I recently put a blog post up about how Plexus is helping my mother's skin condition. A skin condition that the doctors can't figure out. I am starting my daughter Rose on it as of tonight. I went to the pharmacy today and the Pharmacist told me that is was safe for her to take. The directions are to carefully pour contents of 1 capsule into a cold food such as pudding or applesauce and gently mix it in during the evening time. I did that tonight for Rose and she said she did not taste a difference in her pudding. I have my fingers crossed in hopes this will take care of her rash. I will keep you posted on whether or not this is the key to getting rid of this rash once and for all. Again, Rose is 5 years old and weighs about 70 pounds. She is to take 1 capsule of Plexus Pro Bio 5 in food during the evening.
Here is a link to the site my mom and I buy it from.

Here are some of the products. If the Probiotics do well for Rose, I want to start taking the slim plus probiotics for me. I really want to get in shape for summer. Right now however, I am only going to focus on the probiotics. My mom swears by them so we will see. I'll keep you posted.


What is Plexus, how can it help?

Hello there,
I keep hearing about this product called Plexus. My mom lives in Georgia and has clients she cleans for that use the stuff. She also uses it too. There are multiple things you can buy for example probiotics, Plexus slim, and they even have a breast exam kit. I am very interested in the probiotics as my mom uses it and swears by it. For the last couple of years, my mom has been to so many doctors and dermatologists and they can't figure out what's wrong with her skin. She was suffering from itchy red skin all over her body, even on her eyelids. She was at her wits end with it and I felt so bad for her. I wanted to help her. The doctors prescribed her different creams, ointments, steroid creams, and even told her to use basis soap in the shower. As she still struggled with it, one of her clients came to her and told her she used probiotics and also gave it to her children every day. She said it helps her kids eczema. My mom though well, Ill give it a try since nothing else is working. She has been using it for a few months and she said her rash is completely gone and has not returned yet. I pray it does not come back and that this is the answer for her. I don't want to see my mom suffering from this any longer. Well, my little Rose has been suffering from an itchy rash for a few years and the doctor cant figure it out. The doc said to try probiotics. I tried using one I bought from the drugstore but it gave her a belly ache so I am going to try Plexus probiotics. I am going to go to the pharmacy and ask for a recommended dose and talk to them about it before I start her on it. I will keep you updated on her outcome of using the probiotics. I hope it works, fingers crossed! Also, here is a link if you are interested in checking the products by Plexus out.
I had a hard time figuring the site out so Ill make it easy for you. Thanks, I'll keep the update on how my mom and little Rose do with Plexus Pro Bio 5.

Traveling from Thailand to the United States

Hi there,
I am so excited to be writing again as I took a break from posting for a while. We moved back from Thailand and have been settling into our new surroundings. The girls are happy to be here going to school and are the happiest they've ever been. Maybe traveling has given them better understating of the world and they don't take much for granted anymore, like simply carrying on a good conversation with a classmate. That was not attainable in Thailand. I'm thankful my children were able to have this experience most children their age don't. I highly recommend educating children on cultures other than their own. It really makes them think about their own life and what they have that others may not.

Bye Thailand, until next time...