Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potty Training Rose

 Rose just turned 2 on June 2nd, her golden birthday! I decided it's time for her to be potty trained. Here is how I did it. I was determined to find a way because I was done with poopy diapers. I looked on the internet to find an easy way to do it. I came across a youtube video that really helped out. She had a little dolly that peed on the potty. I ditched the diapers and got some Gerber training pants. They are thicker and more absorbent. Then I got some m&ms and gave her one or a few for good deeds on the potty. I sang and danced here and there mostly the first few times then less as she got used to it. I still do on occasion. I use a travel potty with a bag instead of a bowl...easier clean up for me. I also have the potty seat that goes on top of the big potty. She uses both. After about 2 days, she really got the hang of it. Right now, she has been potty training for about a week and last time she had an accident was when she got really exited on Saturday because her friend came over. She is having trouble with pooping, but that's normal. She is getting used to it now. I took her to Sunday school and she was great and we have been out and about and she has been exceptional!!! I am so proud of her. She tells me when she needs to go, even though I still remind her. I let her run the show. They like that, as they think. I also told her when she is really good, she will get to go to the store and get big girl underwear. She wants Ariel...so cute she is! Here is the link to the video that really helped us out. I followed her techniques and it really worked, fast! You can potty train in one day. The first day was the worst, but if you prepare, you will be great! Have a great day and good luck. Potty training in one day! 

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Congratulations! She deserves a big hug.