Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Speaking of Disney's Sofia The First

Disney's new program on Disney Jr Sofia The First, is so popular with the little girls this year. Dresses on Ebay are out the roof and the plush doll can't even seem to stay in stock on the Disney website!! Now that is popular. I think it has to do for the fact that Sofia was just an ordinary girl in the beginning and then she became a princess because her mom married the King. This gives girls some the image that they can easily become a princess too! Therefore Sofia is now popular. Also, Cinderella appeared on the Sofia the First movie and now this Friday they have a new episode coming out guest starring Princess Jasmine. My little girls are going to be starstruck once they find out about Jasmine. I can't wait till Friday because of course I like the show too. Anything that makes my girls happy makes mommy happy too!! Be sure to have your little one check out the new episode on Friday June 14th with Princess Jasmine!!

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