Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ballet in Thailand

Yes There Are Ballet Studios For Expats In Thailand!

Before I moved to Thailand, I researched ballet studios in my area. I could not find anything and started getting worried because Rose is obsessed with ballet. When I got to my city, a coworker at the school told me there was a ballet down the road. I also found out there was another ballet studio for a total of 2. I went to sign up my girls and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they speak English.  It's not the best but I can communicate well with them. There are many people who can speak English in my city but most do not. I have pretty much learned a little bit of Thai to get by. Anyway, the studio offered to teach private lessons to my girls at no additional cost. Wow! I was astonished. They are very advanced and know what they are doing as my girls have been in ballet back in the states. I'm very pleased with the whole thing and am so glad I signed them up. It costed 1800 baht per uniform per kid and 1400 baht per kid per month. My girls go once a week for an hour. The school is called I school ballet but they do not advertise and are not found online. Although they are on "line". You can download "line" from the play store. Here are some pics. 

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