Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day....Then and Now

Last year on Memorial Weekend was a lot different than this year. We live in a different house, and unlike last year we did not have family visit. We also celebrated the girls birthday's last year. 

Here is Tootsabella's cake. Her birthday is July 9th but we had it early because family was there. 
Same here with Rose's cake. I made both of their cakes which I am very proud of. 
 About to blow out the candles.

 And more kisses

So we move on to the next year!!
 Putting the gas in
 Yay ice cream!!!
Do the hula!!!
 She was really posing here. She held this pose for me for about 30 seconds!!!
 Trying to walk the dog.
 I love storms, so this was awesome. My favorite part is when the wind comes in. I love to stand in it and enjoy it after a sweltering day.

 Nathans Famous!!! We ate these for lunch cause daddy had to work. Good thing we grilled early on. They were soooo good.
We had a really good Memorial day with just us. Last year was a blast as well. I love the comparison of the kiddos. It really is crazy how they grow so fast. Have a great day and thanks for reading!!!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Awesome, photos. Looks like the kids had great fun.