Saturday, March 28, 2015

A guide to Thai Transportation

Types of Transportation in Thailand


There are many different ways to get around in Thailand, even in rural areas. My city is more like a large town and we have many different styles of rides. Each fare is at a different cost.
This is a Tuk Tuk. A single family can catch a ride in one
of these. They don't go very far and the fare is very fair. They range from 40 to 100 baht. Make sure that the fare and destination are negotiated before the passenger gets in or you may be paying much more. Tipping is always appreciated when riding a Tuk Tuk.

Motorbikes and scooter rentals are available for rent short or long term. We rented ours on a monthly basis. My scooter was 2000 baht a month and my husband rented his motorbike for 1000 baht a month. The price of the rent depends on the kind of bike you rent. My husband had an manual while I had an automatic.


This three wheeled bike is called a
samlor. The average fare is about 70 baht. This is more of a slow paced sight seeing ride rather than a get there now ride. A tip is genuinely appreciated.
Renting a driver is a great option if you are moving or wanting to travel long distances especially if you have children. We used this option twice so far. It is nice and relaxing and we can stop whenever we choose to. We paid 6000 baht to get from Bangkok to Mahasarakham. It was very nice and well worth the hassle of having to drive and figure out directions on our own. Giving a tip is much appreciated.

Buying your own bike is an option if your planning on staying a long time. These bikes are nifty. They are new electric motorbikes. They are nice and quiet. BTW-children like quieter bikes.


Another long distance option is the bus. Fares range depending on the distance you are going. the fare from Mahasarakham to Khon Kaen is 50 baht. The trip is about 45 minutes long. This is the big pink bus. bus. Apparently its the best option for busses. Apparently its the best option for busses.

The taxi is a good option if you need a lift anywhere. They make long distance trips and prefer them but they are more expensive if you choose to go long distance. The going rate for a trip across town is 100 baht. They don't like to use their meters and sometimes wont even when you ask. Always ask. They never used them when we asked so we just usually paid the 100 baht. Tipping is nice but we almost never did unless they used the meter.

 The city bus is an option. We never have used this option although we see them everyday. They pack them full of people and generally are very cheap about 10 baht a ride.

 Songthaews are an option but don't try and catch one just before or after school. They get packed but again, are generally cheap. About 10 baht a ride.

 When riding your motorbike or scooter, remember to always wear your helmet. It is very easy just to say your going down the street and it wont be long thus not wearing it. A lot of Thai's don't wear them either. Don't let those things be an excuse. You can get ticketed or easily get into an accident. Protect yourself and wear eye protection and your helmet!

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