Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rapunzel Themed Bedroom

Since we have bought our new home, we are slowly painting it the way we like. The paint job is terrible. That being said, we are transforming our daughters' room into a Disney Rapunzel theme. It will be amazing when we are done with it. Their room is the first of many we are painting. I was online looking for some inspiration for the room. As it turns out, I could only find three Rapunzel themed rooms on the whole internet. It was a bit saddening being that Rapunzel is a really great movie and am surprised there aren't more. This is one of the reasons why I will be posting pictures of their room when it is completed. As of right now we have the walls colored grape popsicle, which was my 4 yr old's choice with a little help from me. We did a really good job matching up the right color purple. For the trim, we choose a golden yellow color. I may use a lighter color on top of that to make the trim look like hair. They are getting bunk beds with an attached dresser and desk so I may paint them or string flower through them. I haven't figured that out yet. There is a ceiling fan in the room but the blades don't work. If we find that the motor is burned out, I will replace the fan with a chandelier. I am ordering some lithographs and will frame them in a collage on the wall. I am also ordering a large silk print of the lantern launch and will fix it to the wall. To make it come alive, I will hang lanterns that have lights for a soft tone affect. I may get Rapunzel bedding for them. I am not sure yet. If I do, then I will get some pretty throw pillows like purple sparkly ones. Not sure about the bedding yet. I don't want it to look like too much Rapunzel or tacky with a bunch of cartoon like stuff. I want the themed room to be relaxing and pretty. Something they can grow into until they want a change. I don't want it to look like a playroom. These plans are not secure as I may change my mind as we create the room. I may find more inspiration along the way. I will post pictures when it is finished. It may be a little while, but they will find their way on here.

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