Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Star Movies Resort Review

So the Super 8 was a bit gross and the breakfast was the worst ever, but after a long day of driving 13 hours I just wanted to sleep and so did the husband and kids. When we got to the All Star Movies Resort, I was amazed compared to the Super 8 we just stayed at. I didn't think I would be impressed, but I was. The lobby was immaculate and so huge. I was so exited from then on. Even the severe cold day didn't put much damper on things. At least it didn't rain. Check in seemed to take a while but when we got to the counter, it was in and out. It always seems like that. The room was awesome. Yea it was very standard, but clean clean clean. I was surprised at the cleanliness of the place considering how large the grounds are. The room itself is small, but we weren't staying there much. We were up in the morning and out by 8am and back there at 10pm to sleep. There were 2 double beds not queens. We are used to that anyhow so it didn't bother us. Of course we would have liked a bigger bed. They were very soft and had no backaches (I have one every morning with my bed) considering all the walking we did. The pool was amazingly huge even though we didn't swim. Next time we stay, we are going longer and staying poolside for a day. The food court has some really great food. We ate there twice. I ordered the taco salad for lunch on check out day. It is really awesome. Just like the ones at the Tortuga Tavern at the Magic Kingdom. The lady behind the counter serving was really rude and told me to go to the end of the huge line. I had been standing there at the front for 30 mins while they were switching menus. They told me they weren't ready for the taco salads yet and told me to wait over by them which is where you exit after getting your food. Then a guy that was behind me ordered one too and I said "excuse me I was in line and was told to wait because they weren't ready yet". Could I get mine before you serve him. She told me to go to the end of the line and it didn't start there. I told her what the other server had told me and she decided she was going to get a bit feisty and tell me to go to the end of the line again. Then I let loose at her and finally got served. Other than that, the hotel was amazing!! Andy's room was spectacular!!! There are many lots for parking your car around the grounds and they do have elevators. I only saw one bug. It was one of those large tree roaches outside on my walkway near my room. Not to worry, they are everywhere down there. The little ones are the nasty ones to watch out for. The rooms just have been renovated as well. One really unfortunate thing that happened is that the shower did not hang right and it kept falling down and sprayed at the wall. I did eventually rig it up to a tolerable spray direction. It used to be a handicap accessible bathroom with the bars and stuff and hand sprayer. I would rate that worst shower I have ever used. There was plenty of lighting and everything besides the shower hook up worked great. I would rate the All Star Movies Resort an A. I would visit there again over all the other resorts there. The cost is low, the statues are awesome for the kids, the buildings are fun themed, the food is great, the rooms are clean, wonderful housekeepers, close to the parks, free parking everywhere on all Disney property, magic hours, pin trading, arcade, playground, laundry, Disney Store, and best of all meal plans. Yummmm. If your interested, check out my other blog post of the movies resort with pictures.


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