Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So we have been to Disney World and back!!

I have so much to say about Disney World. The ride was wonderful there and back. The kids were amazing for the long ride. I think we walked 30 miles that week. We stayed the first night at Super 8 in Kissimmee/Maingate/Orlando area. It was nice for a Super 8. No bugs, but still icky to my taste. I am glad we only stayed there for one night because I could not stand front desk. They were anal when we checked in and put breakfast away while I was in the middle of getting food. It was only open till 9 and we got in there about 8:45. We checked into the All Star Movies Resort that day and got a fresh start on the parks. I love the resort! It has a lot to offer plus an exceptional food court besides for one incident with the server. We ended up switching days and going to the Animal Kingdom the first day because it was so darn cold out. Only around 50 degrees that day. Every day we were there we went to a different park except Magic Kingdom which we went twice because it is the most fun!  I am going to break up the trip and give a little review on each park, where we stayed, and the food we ate. We had the meal plan, one quick and one sit down. I will give some insider tips on the parks and where the good spots are for the shows. We also stayed in a really great hotel in Orangeburg, SC. Here are some pics to enjoy!!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

I love the photos. I am glad you all had so much fun.