Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunflower Peeps Cake Tutorial

Super Easy Sunflower Peeps Cake
This cake is a very easy, beginners level cake. Below, you will find a simple step by step guide on how to create this cake. This cake is also nice if you have leftover peeps from Easter.
 To start out, you will need two 8 or 10 inch round cakes, one box mix per cake pan if you are using box mix. Cut off the tops to make them flat and even. Spread frosting on one cake.
 Next, put the other cake on top of the cake you just frosted.
 Frost the cake. I smoothed the top and made a simple design on the sides by swiping my frosting spatula in small areas all along the sides.
 Then, put the peeps on first (make sure the peeps have enough room so they don't slide down off the cake) and then put the chocolate chips on one by one. I put them on one by one to make it look more like the sunflower seeds in the flower.
 Make sure your peeps are evenly round on your cake.
 I used a basic star tip to create a simple flower look around the border to hide any imperfections and to make it look clean.

 And the peeps cake is complete!
Whether it be Easter, left over peeps, birthday, or any other occasion, Enjoy!

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