Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scope and Sequence with lesson plans

When I first decided to teach English as a second language, I searched the internet in hopes to find some information as to what I was getting myself into only I came up empty handed. I want to share with my readers the information that I had hoped to find when I was first searching. I have shared with you my schedule from last semester, now I want to share with you two lesson plans and the scope and sequence that Media Kids has at the school. They like you to go off the scope and sequence to create your lesson plans.

The scope and sequence is just a guide to help you create a lesson plan. The scope and sequence above is unit 7. This is the last lesson of the semester. As you can see, unit 8 is post test and reviews. Most of the units are a bit long which you are able to split it up into two separate lessons. There will be times when you may not see a class for weeks due to school and holiday activities. Its hard to plan because things come up suddenly so you will have to ask or do your best to make sure all the lessons get taught. If you happen to miss a lesson, make sure you teach them what will be on the test as far as what is on the test from the missed lesson. There is a day where you can review everything from the semester.
At the top of the paper, Media kids want name of school, your name, date, grade, and the title of the lesson plan. Vocab words need to be next. They come from the scope and sequence. Next is A and B conversations. Vocab and A and B conversations need to be written on the board and repeated and vocab explained usually with picture flashcards. The game should be written out as to what you will be doing. Usually, I put materials used on the top right of my paper like if I need anything for my games or a white board marker. I play a game during every class. The kids love it and is highly anticipated. Media Kids also urges you to play a game every class as well. Always change it up and use different games. At the bottom of the lesson plan, put what you want the kids to achieve.
 This is a schedule from Media Kids. They want the lesson plans submitted to them and the school you are working at.
 Here is another scope and sequence with one of the lesson plans made from it. I really hope this information helps you and wish you the best of luck if you are planning on teaching abroad.

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